[NTLK] OT: iPad vs. MS Courier: Sound Off

Paul Nuernberger pen at baroncompsys.com
Wed Apr 7 23:27:04 EDT 2010

Although I agree that computers being more closely interfaced with the
user could make them both more efficient and enjoyable, it seems to me
they made a movie about augmented cognition (thoughts-actions) ...
'Forbidden Planet' anyone?

Spot on with the battery comment!


Ryan, on Wednesday, April 07, 2010 at 5:38 PM wrote:

You know what I am waiting for?

Completely free computing.  No more desks.  No more keyboards and mice.
No more glossy screens.  No more 20 degrees of separation.  Augmented
Cognition.  Always on.  Always connected.  Accessible at will.
Thoughts-text.  Thoughts-actions.  Just think of something and it
happens.  That's freedom.  And there's already research showing we can
do all these things today.

Once this stuff is here in full form, we can finally retire our computer
chairs and scroll bars. I think the biggest area to invest in how is
battery technology.  It's got a long way to go, but in a mobile world,
it has limitless target markets.

Thank you,


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