[NTLK] OT: iPad vs. MS Courier: Sound Off

Jim Lee jimlee at centurytel.net
Wed Apr 7 23:42:05 EDT 2010

On Apr 7, 2010, at 8:27 PM, Paul Nuernberger wrote:

> it seems to me
> they made a movie about augmented cognition (thoughts-actions) ...
> 'Forbidden Planet' anyone?

Spooky - I just watched that a few hours ago!  Good 'ol Robbie...

Another movie about "augmented cognition" is "Brainstorm" w/Natalie  
Wood & Christopher Walken.

Personally, I don't believe that any such technology will ever exist  
(don't bother to tell me it already does - it doesn't).  The human  
brain is far too complex for us to interface to in a meaningful way.   
Besides, there is a fundamental law to overcome: the thing that  
understands a complex object must be more complex than that object.   
In other words, only something super-human can fully comprehend the  
human brain.

Just give me a stylus that I can draw with, please.


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