[NTLK] Keyspan High Speed USB Adapter

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You're a champ! I just got off of the phone with Chris and was able to order an adapter for myself. Very personable guy he is! Thanks for posting the message!


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> If anyone is still looking for a Keyspan High Speed USB to Mac DB9 Serial Adapter to connect the Newton (through the special dongle)to a Mac running OSX (or to a PC), it can be had through Chris Roberts at Other World Computing (OWC) for $34.99 plus shipping. From what I can recall on here, that seems like a good price.
> Chris says they're in limited supply (only 6 left!)...because the Mac's DB9 serial port is almost 10 years old he doesn't know if any more will be ordered after stock is exhausted. I ordered one "just in case", to supplement what I already have.
> I've purchased many things from Chris over the years...OWC's phone number is (800) 275-4576, his extension is 159. They're found online at http://www.otherworldcomputing.com .
> Thanks,
> --Forrest 
The New Busy think 9 to 5 is a cute idea. Combine multiple calendars with Hotmail. 

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