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Hi Bryan...welcome and thanks for becoming a part of our family here.

What software do you have that could be different than what's in the UNNA torrent?

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Hi all,

	I'm new to the list, but I'm sure happy to see that the deep green wonder lives on for so many of us.

Over time, I found that the people who bash the newton are largely ignorant of what it is and what you can do with it...

I just ended up buying two MP2000s (one for me and one for my girlfriend) from J&K sales because there still isn't anything out there that will do what the Newton does... and for 36$ per unit, that's hard to beat!

I managed to complete the UNNA torrent, which was talked about a few days ago on this list... if anyone needs a copy, or some package in particular, I'd be willing to help. Also, with a ethernet card I received a Newton total software compilation etc etc, and it seems that some packages are not on UNNA (either that or I couldn't find it). Again, if anyone wants that, just ask.

Thank you all for keeping Newton alive.


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