[NTLK] Not that this should dampen enthusiasm for an iPad, but...

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> Indeed - walking down the street with a flimsy-going-on-transparent Apple
> Store bag containing an obviously brand new MacBook Pro (as I watched a
> teenager do the other day) pretty much screams "mug me ! mug me *now* !" to
> the wrong sort of person. You shouldn't *have* to take precautions just to get
> your purchases home, but it's a sadly imperfect world we live in :(

>>> http://mashable.com/2010/04/21/ipad-theft-denver/


>>> It¹s just common sense, really.

Yes. Also, don't use Apple's bags; use a generic opaque bag when
>> you go
shopping for high-end tech.


In the last year or so I’ve noticed it’s getting easier and easier for
people in public places to forget how much easy money they are worth to
muggers and thieves even their wallets are light.   I’ve seen people leaving
their smart phones and laptops on their café tables or in the B&N Starbucks
while they go to the counter for more coffee and food or to the restroom.
Twenty feet may not seem like a lot of distance, but when you aren't able to
see, or the way back is partly cluttered with tables and other people, it
may as well be twenty miles, and you can’t really count on strangers to get
involved.  And that’s an easy hit-and-run theft; done right it's quick and
almost without risk to the thief.

As for mugging, why is it so hard for people to believe that if someone will
mug you for the $50 in your wallet, they’ll mug you for your $400+ phone or
your $1000+ laptop?

It's a pain, but it's the reality.


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