[NTLK] Newton for iPad

Larry Yaeger lsynt3 at beanblossom.in.us
Sun Jul 4 17:53:35 EDT 2010

At 2:31 PM -0700 7/4/10, Andy Reed wrote:
>Any of you fabulous programmers out there working on a Newton app for iPad or iPhone? It'd be nice to run a virtual Newton on my iPad, transfer all my Newton stuff over.

Yeah, I'd love to have such an app.  Apple probably wouldn't allow it in the AppStore, so you'd have to jail break your device to use it, but having just upgraded to an iPhone 4, I've got this iPhone 3G I'd be 100% happy to jail break and turn into a faux Newton.  Screen's a little small, but maybe it could work; dunno.

What I really wish is that such an app could make it through the AppStore process, but since it implements a programming language and would require a Newton ROM image, there's basically zero chance that's going to happen, darn it.

- larrryy

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