[NTLK] Newton for iPad

David Kendal davidpk212 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 4 17:53:53 EDT 2010

Unfortunately, emulators are forbidden by Apple on the App Store. The
only way to do such a thing would be to produce a jailbreak app, which
in my opinion would not be worth the effort for the tiny audience you
would be able to target.

I have said before that if I had an Intel Macintosh (it's still
PowerPC all the way here) then I would jump at the chance to create a
Newton emulator. However, having given some thought to the potential
problems that might come up, and having no solution to some of them, I
think it would be a wasted effort.

That said, I would be very interested in such a project that might be
created by another person.

— dpk

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