[NTLK] German 1&1 ARM processor tablet announced

Doug Parker ispinn at gmail.com
Wed Jul 7 10:54:17 EDT 2010

Good read. My hopes are up after looking at this and reading
the gizmag.com article...

     The German arm of Internet Service Provider and
     Web Host 1&1 has unveiled its own 7-inch tablet
     computer. The ARM-powered, Android SmartPad
     comes with WiFi connectivity, a gigabyte of internal
     storage and some custom apps. There's an optional
     docking station and the ability to turn it into a
     remote control for home entertainment systems too.



They're offering the units as complimentary gifts in some
cases, meaning they're willing to get some mileage out of
any good marketing deals. Frank, contact me offline on
this, please.

Doug Parker

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