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~~~ On 2010/07/10 23:53, Matt Howe at matthowe at comcast.net wrote ~~~

> It is set up with Mac OS 9.2 and I
> was using it for some Newton Development with NTK. But I am no longer doing
> that so I am wondering, should I upgrade it to OSX? Will a G3 function
> acceptably with OSX? Or does it not have enough horse power?

Hi Matt, 

Even though I'm running Leopard (10.5) on a MacBook and play with the bells
and whistles of the dual-core Intel and blah-blah, I still run 3 Pismo
laptops (= all G3s) with OSX Panther (10.3) and enjoy the experience very
much.  In my office we have a 2 more G3s, both iMacs, one on Panther and the
other on Tiger, and they work well too.  In some ways, the G3s run even
better on OSX than on 9.2 although I have a 4th Pismo dedicated to running
9.2.2 because I like it so much for some things.

As for "enough horse power": enough for what?  There are plenty of high-end
apps and processes that just don't belong on a G3, but for most "ordinary"
(whatever that means) uses, a G3 + OSX is a great piece of kit.

Just my inflation-diminished 2 cents, excluding taxes where applicable and


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