[NTLK] Virutal Box and NCU

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jul 11 02:38:48 EDT 2010

The new iPhone world has set expectations, over there apps are often priced at
the USD 10 mark, so it seems anachronistic to charge $45 for a Newton app.

The amount of work involved is still the same but the user base is small. Yet
his work has provided a NCU clone that does work in a modern Windows
environment.  In so doing, he has done the Newton Community a favour.

NCT brings a reliable backup and also synchronization with Outlook.  Back up can
be done with a set of linear/ATA cards and these cards can be further backed up
to other cards using SBM utilities.  But this information can't be accessed
without a Newton.  As Newtons get older they will inevitably stop working.

I suppose it depends on how much value the data on your Newton is assigned; and
wanting the comfort of backing it up onto a PC; and being able to synchronize it
with Outlook.  By supporting Outlook the developer has given the Windows user
the ability to get convenient access to Newton PIM data using a Windows desktop
application.  Something that can't be done with just a linear or ATA card back

Notes can be exported from the Newton into Outlook using Sloup and Notes2Notes.

BTW, I am not receiving any commissions from the Developer.

I hope this helps


Tony Kan

New Zealand

 I am not paying $45 for a piece of
> software I won't use everyday. It's not worth it.

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