[NTLK] [ANN] Y2010 + Y2008 fix for 2x00US Newtons

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Sun Jul 18 09:43:12 EDT 2010

On Sat, Jul 17, 2010 at 12:55 AM, Don Zahniser
<dzahniser at rochester.rr.com> wrote:
> On Jul 16, 2010, at 2:57 PM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
>> Hmm, I use Adam Tow's Alarm Clock every day on my MessagePad 2100
>> (w/Patch 71J059), but haven't noticed any issues. Do you mind
>> describing the issue? Maybe it's some bit of functionality I don't
>> use.
> This was my issue.  I had had a hard reset and a couple of reboots
> with 'dead battery' messages when I had alarms set in Alarm Clock.
> Although my batteries were low, they had not yet gotten so low to
> give the 'change battery' message.  However, since changing them out,
> I have gotten no more errors.  It may have been the batteries (a set
> of NIMHs that are possibly up to 10 years old) or maybe some contact
> problem.
> At any rate, it appears for now that the symptoms went away with
> fresh batteries, so the patch is most likely not related to the issue
> I had.

Excellent, thanks for chiming in! That makes me feel a lot better and
I won't hesitate to install the patch. :)


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