[NTLK] A few basic questions from a new disciple...

Woody Smith woodysmith at comcast.net
Wed Mar 3 19:47:59 EST 2010

Welcome to Newton talk.
The 130 is a very nice newton with a form factor preferred by many.   
There is a 2010 problem and at this the only solution for yo0u is to  
choose a year that has a similar pattern to 2010.  I seem to recall  
that there are a couple 1993 seems to come to mind.

The connection cable is the Mac serial printer cable.  Best USB/Serial  
adapter is probably the Keyspan usa28.  another good option is the  
Keyspan  usa 19 but you will need PC to Mac serial adapter.  Read  
recent archives.  IRDA is not truly viable though there drivers that  
will allow installing packages.

Look for Prefs.

Wikiwikinewt is currently down and I am having no luck with wayback  

I believe Ryan Vetter is hosting another wiki but at the moment I  
can't find it.



On Mar 3, 2010, at 6:27 PM, Jack Jenkins wrote:

> NewtonTalk folks,
> As such, I hope that you'll kindly help a new advocate with some  
> pretty basic questions, and I apologize if these have been asked  
> thousands of times before!
> 1) My Newton came with a stylus, case, keyboard and a plug-in  
> charger.  It did not, however, come with anything to plug it into my  
> computer.  I understand that any wire I do get will require a  
> converter to work with USB, but I was curious as to a) where I could  
> procure such a wire (and what I would be looking for if I did) and  
> b) is there any other way to connect this thing to my older MacBook  
> Pro running 10.6.2?  It has a IrDA port, but I'm clueless as to how  
> to set up a connection.  Also, I'm aware that 10.6 effectively  
> killed appletalk (which the Newton needs) - is this true?
> 2) My Newton won't let me set the date in 2010.  I've heard that  
> there is a "2010 problem" with the Newton, but I've only seen fix  
> patches for a 2000-series Newtons.  Is there a way/tutorial that  
> allows me to set the correct date on my MessagePad 130?
> 3) There is no "settings" panel in the "extras" bin of my Newton.  I  
> know it's supposed to be there, but it's not.  What gives?
> I have many, many more questions, but I thought I'd get the basics  
> out of the way first.  Thank you so much to anyone that can lend me  
> a hand - I love this thing, and I just want to know how to take full  
> advantage of it!
> Thanks again!
> - Jack

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