[NTLK] OT/OT License/End User License Agreements - Unfair?

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Tue Mar 9 15:25:25 EST 2010

Follow up:

I tested the Dragon App by putting my phone in Airplane mode.  I can accept the EULA, and then another screen comes up asking if I want to allow Dragon to download my contacts. They made it very clear what the purpose of this latter is, and how they protect the data.  I clicked "No".  I think this may have been an addition from first iterations of the App because of user pressure.  I am not sure.  At any rate, they will still collect all of your speech data.  There is no way to turn that off.  So all of your communications are being filtered and stored by Nuance.  Funny that nobody has really written about it, everyone was focussed on the contacts 'thing'.

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