[NTLK] Who here thinks the iPad is a worthy replacement for the Newton?

Ryan newtontalk at me.com
Fri Mar 19 16:35:50 EDT 2010

Interesting the resistence to the iPad on here. I think in this day  
and age it comes down to what is the most efficient input method for  
each appropriate environment. From an evolutionary standpoint, each  
organism is trying to be as efficient as possible.

In private, speech is bar none the most efficient with a trained user.  
In public environments, a full physical keyboard takes top spot. On  
the go in public a virtual keyboard takes top spot with trained users.  
In private, on the go speech is pretty good...

When the Newton launched in 93 a lot more people were not touch  
typists, including executives. Apple wanted to appeal to the world in  
terms of giving them somethimg they were familiar with, which was  
writing.  But they also designed the notes app to take just a terse  
bit of text. The message was clear. HWR was to jot things down, not  
write lengthy prose.

Now, most people in generation x and y are touch typists. And everyone  
uses a computer. A lot of us don't write with paper near as much.  
Letters have been replaced by Email; hard copy journal articles with  
electronic ones... It actually seems like in this day and age, people  
identify more with a computer than with a pen and paper.

So things have changed. These preferred input methods have reconciled  
themselves with consumers.  It was just a natural progression to the  
way things are today.

I do see HWR as useful for certain quick tasks. It does have utility.  
And Larry's software is really amazing.

But it won't take top spot because of the competing input methods like  
keyboards, virtual keyboards and speech.  If it was a better fit for  
the lifestyles of people today, the whole world would be using it.

Where a stylus would really come in handy is for graphic design on the  
iPad. But separate Wacom tablets that don't obstruct the artist's  
screen are now standard.  So consumers have spoken.

That's why I'm excited about the iPad because it will allow for all  
three preferred input methods. For this reason, it should serve the  
people of today's world extremely well.

Thank you,


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