[NTLK] Who here thinks the iPad is a worthy replacement for the Newton?

Ed Kummel tech_ed at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 19 17:34:23 EDT 2010

I agree with the statement, "I like to write...on a screen"
I find that writing on paper to be too archaic and random. I can never seem to keep track of what notebook I wrote what note into, and I find that particularly frustrating. I used to have pads of paper next to the fridge and the telephone, but I've replaced both of them with Boogie Boards. Couple this with my Newton, and I'm done with note writing on paper (and other than Sharpies, Pens just don't have the appeal to me that they once did)
Add to this my Dell 9inch netbook, and I'm basically paperless!

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>Now, most people in generation x and y are touch typists. And everyone  
>uses a computer. A lot of us don't write with paper near as much.  
>Letters have been replaced by Email; hard copy journal articles with  
>electronic ones... It actually seems like in this day and age, people  
>identify more with a computer than with a pen and paper.

>But it won't take top spot because of the competing input methods like  
>keyboards, virtual keyboards and speech.  If it was a better fit for  
>the lifestyles of people today, the whole world would be using it.

Good points...well thought out. But I have no problem being classified as what some could call a "niche" user...since the Newton, I like to write...on a screen. And, have that writing (most always) successfully translated into standardized text, that I can share with others.

The Newton does that. This we know to be true.

The iPad does NOT do that. Perhaps in the future there will be an app...but out of the box--it does not do that. This we also believe to be true (based on what we're told by Apple, anyway). Will it do that? There's no proof that it will...certainly not as good as a Newton, I think, if it does that at all.



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