[NTLK] Who here thinks the iPad is a worthy replacement for the Newton?

Dennis B. Swaney romad at aol.com
Sat Mar 20 21:27:12 EDT 2010

R A Parker wrote:

> An iPad? Until AT&T offers me a free upgrade with no contractual commitment... I'll have to pretend that my (refurbished) $75 iPhone 3G was the best deal I'll ever see (on a hand held computer) since this beat-up 2100 I'm writing on. (A bonus from a box of Newton goodies I bought on eBay in 2006)

No contract required for the AT&T iPad  data plan. IIRC, $15/month for 
250 MB; $40/month for unlimited. This is for the 3G iPad being released 
at the end of April. However, I opted for the WiFi only version.

BTW, I periodically get offers from AT&T for a free phone if I add a 
line. I don't need it since we have a Jitterbug phone for my wife and I 
have my iPhone 3GS.

Dennis B. Swaney

Newton MP 2100
iPhone 3GS
iPad (coming soon)

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