[NTLK] Isn't it about time? Why not start building a small piece of our future?

Tim Kaluza timkaluza at mac.com
Sun Mar 21 06:48:43 EDT 2010

Hi all out there!

Isn't it about time? Still today I wasn't able to find a PDA or  
whatever that could fit my needs. The iPad isn't either what I have  
been looking for.
What I would need is a device that has
1. long battery usage
2. Is able to open documents
3. Is able to get informations from the web.
4. Is able to do my personal appointments.
5. Doing graphical stuff, like mathematic function stuff, things like  
6. Capable of just being used like you have a ruler, a pencil, a  
calculator in your pocket.
7. Therefore very important: handwriting recognition
8. Printing

Quite much (and of course more) is able to be done by a MessagePad.
I also think that a display with 16 gray-levels is enough.
But the MP Display is not something what makes me happy, in fact it is  
something that bothers me.

And therefore:
In the first stage of the "project" why not getting the MP to use a E- 
Ink Display.
Second stage put it into a new case and see how it's working out.

We could go further with integrating a WiFi-Card (or whatever). And so  

Of course this has to be a community project.

But why do I write this mail with perhaps this stupid dream?

I'm still studying and not capable of programming yet, but I am able  
to produce a new Case.
And I think that here are many capable people with different  
universalized knowledge.

So if you think you could spend some time for a project, like this,  
say it, write me.
If there is some response I would set up a forum where we could  
discuss what points are actually useful and possible for us.

Newton is still living, but developing doesn't pass the time away.

All the best,

Your's sincerely
Tim Kaluza

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