[NTLK] Isn't it about time? Why not start building a small piece of our future?

Richard Clark mawgadog at tin.it
Sun Mar 21 06:54:18 EDT 2010

just buy a Psion 5mx only thing it doesn't have is HWR but the keyboard is very good.

On 21/mar/2010, at 11.48, Tim Kaluza wrote:

> Hi all out there!
> Isn't it about time? Still today I wasn't able to find a PDA or  
> whatever that could fit my needs. The iPad isn't either what I have  
> been looking for.
> What I would need is a device that has
> 1. long battery usage
> 2. Is able to open documents
> 3. Is able to get informations from the web.
> 4. Is able to do my personal appointments.
> 5. Doing graphical stuff, like mathematic function stuff, things like  
> that.
> 6. Capable of just being used like you have a ruler, a pencil, a  
> calculator in your pocket.
> 7. Therefore very important: handwriting recognition
> 8. Printing
> Quite much (and of course more) is able to be done by a MessagePad.
> I also think that a display with 16 gray-levels is enough.
> But the MP Display is not something what makes me happy, in fact it is  
> something that bothers me.
> And therefore:
> In the first stage of the "project" why not getting the MP to use a E- 
> Ink Display.
> (http://www.eink.com/products/matrix/High_Res.html)
> Second stage put it into a new case and see how it's working out.
> We could go further with integrating a WiFi-Card (or whatever). And so  
> on.
> Of course this has to be a community project.
> But why do I write this mail with perhaps this stupid dream?
> I'm still studying and not capable of programming yet, but I am able  
> to produce a new Case.
> And I think that here are many capable people with different  
> universalized knowledge.
> So if you think you could spend some time for a project, like this,  
> say it, write me.
> If there is some response I would set up a forum where we could  
> discuss what points are actually useful and possible for us.
> Newton is still living, but developing doesn't pass the time away.
> All the best,
> Your's sincerely
> Tim Kaluza
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