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Andrei Chichak newton at chichak.ca
Thu May 27 18:12:13 EDT 2010

On 2010-May-27, at 3:01 PM, S.T. Woodrow wrote:

> I defer to Canada not only for its "good eats" and famous bands, but  
> also for having a singable national anthem.

As an old Canadian fart, I would like to agree, but can't. Since I was a little school boy there has been waaaay too many updates to the anthem. There is the version that I learned from 1914. There is the french version that should be learned to show solidarity with the francophone portion of the population. There is the "far and wide" version that reduced the reppppppitition and slipped in a reference to god. 

Then just last January the government tried to change the words to be non-sexist (they were deflecting people's attention away from their proroguement (look that one up) of government to avoid being tossed out of office. That modification sucked so bad it got dropped in 2 days, and nothing in government happens in 2 days.

The singing of O Canada starts out okay, then the people sing the version that they know, then ends up at the same place.

I like the Italian national anthem, very classy (and it indicates that Ferrari just won again).

> Susan
> - Boston

I had a heck of a good time in Boston a while back. It was a bit hot and sticky for me in July, but it's got history. Everything in our city gets torn down when it turns 50 because it's old. Grrrr.


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