[NTLK] [OT] OK. I saw this and I just had to send it!

Goodwin, Greg P. GoodwinG at aafes.com
Fri May 28 08:44:29 EDT 2010

On 2010-May-27, at 3:01 PM, S.T. Woodrow wrote:

> I defer to Canada not only for its "good eats" and famous bands, but  
> also for having a singable national anthem.

:)   Anyone who has made that statement above has obviously never been to New Orleans or had Texas Bar-B-Que.

And I like the national anthem of America.   If I was half as red neck as some of the southern folk down here, I would say you made baby Jesus cry when you said that.  Showing that there are no bad feelings I'd invite you to go hunting sometime and even be southern hospitable enough to let you wear the nice camo-orange hunters vest.  >:)

That said, I'm not, just like the anthem, and the story behind it.

Doc Clu

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