[NTLK] What's the best dates substitute?

Don Zahniser dzahniser at rochester.rr.com
Fri May 28 11:31:32 EDT 2010

On 5/28/10, Bryan N Iotti wrote:

>Uhm.... seems like I have a good amount of choice.
>So far, I love NewtToDo for task management, and am very intrigued by
>Time Trax, but I haven't been able to play with it because it's
>apparently expired. I have contacted the developer and asked for help/

Please post what you may learn about the possibilities of registering

I also have really liked NewtToDo, but have left it for one (to me)
major problem:  The tasks from NewtToDo are in a different soup from the
Newton's default tasks, and so don't appear in the task views for any
other PIM application.  To make matters worse, if you use Assist to
create tasks, they end up in _both_ the Dates application's To Do soup
and in NewtToDo, and checking off one as completed does not check off
the other (at least I never figured out how to do it). 

>As far as DateMan, it looks heavy in UI footprint... I'll check it out
>better later this afternoon. It's REAL cheap now though.

I have used DateMan extensively, and do like it.  I am not using it at
the moment, because I also am playing around with different PIM
options.  If your needs are not as advanced as those provided by DateMan/
MoreInfo/Action Names, there are a few other add-ons/supplements to
Dates that may find a place in your Newton.  Here are a few of them:

AllDatesLong - Extends the number of hours displayed by the Dates 'Day' view.

DatesTricks - Near as I can tell, the only functionality this adds is to
make the view selection button in Dates a press-and-hold picker.

SetAgendaView - Sets the default view for Dates to be the Agenda view. 
Note that when you change the view away from Agenda, that choice will be
'remembered' until you next make a selection.

DateBar - adds a bar picker to the Dates application, which replicates
the function of the pop-up view selection button in a quicker way.

DateView - A separate application that retrieves information from the
calendar and todo soups, and displays them in a customizable format. 
Existing items are not editable within DateView; however, it does have a
'new' button to add items. DateView is also accessible by pressing the
'i' button within Dates.  This helps to take care of what is (for me
right now) a major flaw in Dates:  The Week view only shows 5 days, and
I am working part-time hours that may be on any day of the week, and
change from week to week.  DateView can be used as a low-resource backdrop.

DateSum - An approach similar in some ways to DateView, except there is
no 'New button', and when you tap an item, it will open Dates to that item.  

Both DateView and DateSum have an option of displaying a launch button
in the status bar.

PIMple - This is a separate application that provides a quick entry/
display of the day's events, meetings, and tasks in a 'popup' window.  

Also - You may want to try HyperNewt, an application that can be used
instead of Notes, providing a more classic 'folder' paradigm.  It has
linking options from other applications (including the built-in soups,
Works, and NewtToDo), and has an option for a global 'New' button.
>MoreInfo seems pretty expensive, although a lot of people swear by it...
>Still haven't decided.
>Thank you all for the very quick replies, I'll keep you posted.

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