[NTLK] Using Newton - Simple Pleasures Part 2

Tim Kaluza timkaluza at me.com
Thu Nov 4 11:42:02 EDT 2010

It made me smile - thanks.

I tried to translate it. 

His in 1997 desisto facerant. Cur?

Probably wrong ^^. 

All the best!

Am 04.11.2010 um 16:33 schrieb Lord Groundhog:

> ~~~ On 2010/10/24 14:28, Lord Groundhog at LordGroundhog at gmail.com wrote ~~~
> I was in the bank yesterday to transfer some cash, and since I tend to
> record such transactions in my Newton, I was writing some notes.   My
> banking assistant, someone new to the branch, looked up from her keyboard
> and said, "Is that your version of the iPad?"  I said, "No, it's Apple's
> earlier version of the iPad" and showed her the Apple logo.  Gave her the
> *very* brief account of it, you know, first released in 1992, final version
> like mine released 1997, blah blah.  I'd kept writing as I said that because
> I wanted to get the details of the transaction right.  That's when she said,
> "But you're writing on it, and it's turning it into real letters!"  I
> couldn't be casual about it because I started to laugh at how astonished she
> was.  The best I could manage was, "Yeah, that's what it does", and then
> show her how I could use it to integrate data, like linking that note to the
> person I was sending the money to, and how all that was linked to my diary
> note to go into the bank to transfer the cash.  She said, "Wow!  That's
> easier than on this computer" and finished my transaction for me.  Then she
> said those immortal words: "They stopped making them in 1997.  Why?"  I told
> her that was a very good question.
> Her question should be translated into Latin.  It could be the motto of
> NewtonTalk.  
> Shalom. 
> Christian 
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