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Sat Nov 6 01:54:15 EDT 2010

Forgot my kudos for Grants beautiful work - print more posters for us!

Actually, serifs came about (1) because of the way that Roman letters carved in stone looked like from below at some distance - parallel edges on letters tend to parallax and look odd, and (2) because of the way ink would dribble off a quill when lifting the point - it helped make the letters cleanly to have a way of twisting and lifting the pen tip. These are primarily European methods of writing, and my guess is that it's been engrained on European language readers who've come to feel more comfortable with it. Even other languages that use pens have no use for serifs - Thai, Tibetan, Cambodian, & numerous others. And brush-written languages would be almost unreadable with them...

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On Nov 5, 2010, at 19:05, Andrei Chichak <newton at chichak.ca> wrote:

> Serifs, those little feet at the ends of the letter strokes, were put there, not just as useless embellishments, but to aide in readability

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