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~~~ On 2010/11/05 23:05, Andrei Chichak at newton at chichak.ca wrote ~~~

> ...                                                         But for the sake
> of the people that actually have to read your stuff, use something like Times
> for the body text. Check out the New York Times web site, they write for
> people to read. 

Hi Andrei, 

Funny you should say that;  I tend towards a Times font, or sometimes
towards Baskerville or Baskerville Old Face when I'm writing "heavy" text.
It's true that for casual and transient stuff I will use a sans serif,
usually Lucida Sans or Lucida Grande, but even then I want to be able to
look at it without cringing.

Number one pet peeve with sans serif fonts:  when a font is "muddy" with
certain letter combinations.  The one that grouts my rat is "rn" vs "m",
because it's one that so many sans serif fonts mess up.  The resolving of
the "r" and "n" into unique and clear letters doesn't have to clunky; subtle
is fine as long as the eye can detect it.  But it has to be a real
distinction.  So many sans serif fonts not only put the "r"'s terminal too
close to the following "n", but they shape it like the shoulder of an "m"
and shorten it in a way that creates an ambiguous rhythm between the stem of
the "r" and the stem and leg of the "n", causing the whole thing to match
the rhythm of the "m".  Arial and a number of others are prime examples.
There are other infelicities but that one is for me the worst.

Just my 2 pence.  


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