[NTLK] TOTALLY OT: Gosh... is Spanish a wide language...

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> Ankle bracelets? ANKLE BRACELETS? We didn't have any wussy *ankle bracelets*
> in MY day...just cold hard steel. We busted rocks under the hot hot sun and in
> the evenings we stamped out license plates. We tattooed ourselves with rusty
> nails and old used hypodermic needles we stole from the infirmary.
> These criminals nowadays...they have it easy.  ;)

Cold hard steel?  Eeee, luxury!  We had Rottweiler jaws clamped round t'
ankles, teeth tearing t' flesh from our legs with every step.  Had to bust
rocks by dropping 'em on each others' heads.  And if our skulls weren't
broken at least 3 times every day by lunch time, brains oozing out an' all,
t' guards would punish us by driving t' transport trucks over us.

And I say lunch time but we never got given any lunch, no!   We had to feed
our own arms and legs to t' guard dogs so they could have lunch!  Only lunch
as we had were crumbs from the rocks we broke!

But you try and tell that to t' young people of today.  Will they believe
you?  NO!  



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