[NTLK] Using Newton - Simple Pleasures

Lloyd A. Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Sun Oct 24 13:30:16 EDT 2010

    HWR is the foremost reason for my turning to the Newton.  (Greyscale that can be read in direct sunlight is right up there, too.)  I tried using an iPod touch in lieu of my previous Newton (a '130), but ended upo giving it to my daughter in favor of the '2000 I now have.  Typing isn't for everyone, and I find that it interferes with my creative processes, so being able to write with a stylus, in a way that would've been familiar to Cicero, as opposed to the troublesome QWERTY world we inhabit, is worth all the price of the Newt by itself.  (I've tried DVORAK, too, and while it's better than QWERTY, it's not comparable to the freedom of writing in one's own hand.)

-Lloyd Conway

On Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 10:08 pm Doug Ramsay wrote:

> >>  The simple pleasure of writing out the notes vice pecking them in with my two
> >>  thumbs or an index finger was....satisfying. Of course I got the*usual*
> >>  curious looks from a far while taking notes, almost feeling the questions
> >>  coming forth.... That too, was cool.
> >>  Have Newton, Will Travel (...and work).
>  I couldn't agree more with your sentiments, Doug... despite having several
>  different types of devices that I could use in a situation like you describe,
>  the simpIe pleasure of just...writing, on the Newton screen...better to me
>  than typing, tapping or clicking on something else.

Absolutely, guys!  I was at a public lecture last week

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