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Wed Oct 27 15:57:36 EDT 2010

~~~ On 2010/10/27 18:29, Bob Adamson at adamson at aol.com wrote ~~~

> While I agree that Graffiti was not the answer, the much larger and even
> primal handwriting issue that Newton EXCELS at, is.  I could care less that
> the first version did not work well.  Ever try the first version of DOS?  Or
> drive a model T?  Didn't seem to stop your further exploration.  From the time
> we first pick up a crayon and see the empty canvas of the wall, writing is
> ingrained.  The most revered writing is your signature.  We place ultimate
> conviction in handwriting.  I am at a loss to understand the lack of interest
> if fostering this form of user input.  Sorry, just my personal vent at the
> windmill.  Frustrating when you know it can be done right, because it has, by
> our green friend.
> Bob Adamson

What he said. 

If they hadn't called it a "Newton", they might have called it "Paleolithic
Cave Wall".  Our primal inclination to make marks goes back long before the
childhood of our modern cultures.  But to my mind the Newton is pretty
nearly the pinnacle of accommodating that inclination.

Unfortunately, it looks like there may never again be anything that so fitly
corresponds with our primitive urge to pick up an implement and make marks
on a suitable and sympathetic surface, unless Apple changes their mind and
gives us the "iNewton" or whatever we want to call it.  Or unless some other
company decides that Apple deserves to be punished for neglecting such a
great concept, and finds a way to create one without violating Apple's
forest of patents. 


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³Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a Newton.²
            -- what Arthur C. Clarke meant

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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