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Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
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>> While I agree that Graffiti was not the answer, the much larger and even
>> primal handwriting issue that Newton EXCELS at, is.  I could care less that
>> the first version did not work well.  Ever try the first version of DOS?  Or
>> drive a model T?  Didn't seem to stop your further exploration.  From the time
>> we first pick up a crayon and see the empty canvas of the wall, writing is
>> ingrained.  The most revered writing is your signature.  We place ultimate
>> conviction in handwriting.  I am at a loss to understand the lack of interest
>> if fostering this form of user input.  Sorry, just my personal vent at the
>> windmill.  Frustrating when you know it can be done right, because it has, by
>> our green friend.
After trying to learn Graffiti (I like to know what I'm criticising), hell, I'd rather type on a virtual keyboard like the iPad's (or even the iPhone's!) any time! :)

The basic Graffiti was very easy to learn; Graffiti 2 (a.k.a. Jot) was much harder.
I had a HandSpring Visor about10 years ago...I soon learned that Graffiti wasn't actually writing, it was more the process of making calculated strokes in a little square pad area that (hopefully) translated into letters and words on the screen. While some could argue that the foregoing is a rough definition of the act of writing, in reality the two are very very different. From a writer's perspective, there's great pleasure in writing--actually, on the screen--with electronic ink.

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