[NTLK] Announcement: Newton Package Installer for iPhone

Vladislav Korotnev vladkorotnev at mail.ru
Sat Apr 2 15:47:45 EDT 2011

Hello everyone!
I have made a piece of software for the iPhone, based on Victor Rehorst's UnixNPI.
Basically it allows you to install Newton software right from your (jailbroken) iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.
It is in early beta, so I need beta testers. I haven't tested it yet because I didn't get my 30pin connector from Sparkfun yet. 
If you can test it, please do so, and tell me about any bugs you find.
You can get this app and installation instructions at http://github.com/vladkorotnev/iPhoneNPI

I look forward to hearing your feedback! ;)
Best wishes,
~ Vladislav Korotnev.

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