[NTLK] Problem with 2.0 Newton Connection Kit on Win7

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Thu Apr 21 10:55:20 EDT 2011

On 4/21/2011 3:43 AM, Matej Horvat wrote:
>> Best bet is to grab a
>> copy of Virutal PC
>> by microsoft, install windows 98 to it, then install NCU
>> and use it that
>> way.
> That's how I run it. I found it to be more stable under Windows 3.x though, it likes to crash on 98 and I couldn't even get it to connect. It does run on XP (32-bit at least), but again I couldn't get it to actually connect. Slowdown didn't help either.
> -Matej Horvat

Interesting I haven't had any problems.  One or two glitches but all in
all very stable.  I did a recent post with my configuration and methods.
 Might try adjusting the FIFO buffers inside of win98.  Made a big
difference in my case.  I also had a keyspan adapter as the serial port.

Another thing I did was make sure that nothing else is running at the
same time, including a screen saver/power off.  One time the screen shut
down and and it blue screed the host system.  You can get away with a
few programs in the background if they are not actively doing anything.
 But if they are writing to the HD....then it gets questionable.


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