[NTLK] Problem with 2.0 Newton Connection Kit on Win7

SteveC steve at craftsathome.net
Thu Apr 21 11:41:14 EDT 2011

Yes I am 32-bit. It's the home machine so kids educational stuff and other
software that violates Microsoft guidelines works better if it can assume
"c:\program files" is where things go and is 32-bit. If it was just me I'd
do a 64bit install. :)

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On 4/20/2011 8:54 PM, Steve Craft wrote:
> Aha. I made a text file of notes for the next time....
> Copy each folder to c:\disk1, c:\disk2, c:\disk3 - note there is no 
> space in the folder name.
> Install to c:\progra~1\newton2 - note the short path name.
> Done.

Ah interesting, must be you are using a 32bit version of windows 7.  The
64 bit version won't work as NCU, NCK, etc are 16 bit applications and
microsoft removed support for in the 64 bit versions of Vista and 7.


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