[NTLK] Extremely negative experience dealing with Newtonsales.com, (Aaron FRANK)

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Sat Apr 30 13:33:57 EDT 2011

Hello Newtontalkers,

We noticed a post by Aaron and its is extremely unfortunate but on this 
occasion nothing seemed to go right during this transaction.  The 
statements made by Aaron are not factually correct and in most cases 
just plain lies and border on liable.
Firstly, yes this person purchased a newton package from ebay.  We 
contacted the buyer to clarify exactly what he would receive from the 
listing.  He received exactly what was communicated to him and that he 
agreed to.  We have all the email correspondence to prove this.
Upon receiving the unit, he had second thoughts, even though he received 
exactly what we communicated to him via email.  We of course allow 
returns but instead of contacting us to arrange this he immediately went 
through paypal and filed a claim.  Paypal indicated that he ship the 
unit back to us which he says he did.
We dispute that the item was successfully delivered because it was not 
received by us and as paypal has now returned the funds to our account 
paypal themselves agree with this assessment.  If canadapost has 
misplaced a package, we fail to see how this is our responsibility or 
Its unfortunate but the only vindictive behaviour here seems to be on 
the part of Aaron.
We take our customers and their happiness very seriously, the newton 
community is a small and closely knit one however if an item is not 
returned how can we refund payment back to the buyer.  We never received 
a tracking number from the buyer at any time to verify that there was in 
fact a shipment at all.

Thank you

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