[NTLK] Extremely negative experience dealing with Newtonsales.com

Aaron FRANK amfcz at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 30 19:57:12 EDT 2011

Sigh. OK, here it goes one last time... Apologies to everyone else on the list 
for this, but the facts should be given some chance to speak for themselves.

1) The unit was advertised as a mint 2100 unit, that had "never been used". I 
received a 2000 unit without any charger and two drained batteries, and hence 
had no ability to test it. 

2) I initially wanted to give the seller the benefit of the doubt, and tried to 
be amenable. A charger was sent separately, and arrived a week later.

3) Upon using the charger, and being able to power up the Newton, I discovered 
that the speaker did not work. In addition, there were several dozen 
non-standard programs installed which contained data and personal items. This 
was hardly a never-used item. 

4) I filed a claim with PayPal who agreed after a delay that I could return the 
item for a refund. The reason for the refund was that the item was not as 
described in the eBay listing.

5) I returned the item the next day and submitted the tracking number to PayPal. 
I had to confirm twice with the seller as to which address I should return the 
item, since he gave conflicting information.

6) Canadapost's online tracking system reported the item as delivered. 
Canadapost also launched a subsequent investigation and confirmed that the item 
was delivered.

Which brings us to today -- a seller who accuses me of lies and factual errors, 
and who threatens me off this thread, via direct email, with legal action. 

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