[NTLK] What is the easiest way to get text files from an, eMate to a Mac Mini running Mac OSX 10.6.5?

Lloyd Conway ssgconway at juno.com
Tue Jan 4 19:09:06 EST 2011

      I've had success with printing via irda to the HP LaserJet6a 
printers at work, as well as via serial to my StyleWriter II.  A 
previous post mentioned the HP 340 and an irda adapter; I found just 
such an adapter at the local university's salvage sale, but have no HP 
340 to connect it to. (I'd actually decided to post it on eBay since it 
is just sitting around gathering dust.)  The StyleWriter II is a nice, 
small printer, and if you're OK with black & white printing, it might be 
your best bet.
-Lloyd Conway
  Charlotte, Michigan

Alternatively you can use an HP340 inkjet with an iRDA adapter.  Text and
graphics can then be beamed directly to the printer.  The printers are cheap and
plentiful (over here anyway).  Cartridges can also be readily refilled.



Tony Kan

New Zealand

Occasionally my offspring (henceforth referred to as "os") wants to print
texts written on an eMate. Usually these texts are written in Works, but
sometimes they are also written using Notes. Occasionally they contain

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