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>Hi Frank,
>To get text files into a current Mac, I use NCX + Keyspan but only with Works. If I have notes, outlines or checklists in Notes then I use Twerks to make a copy into Works and then export that single document. Twerks will concatenate more than one Note, so it's very handy.
>All formatting is preserved so outlines/checklists go over properly.
>With a classic Mac, XPort reigns supreme and building an export file of the entire soup for Names or Notes is a fine way to keep the Mac synched to the Newt.

When I search Xworks for Newton with Google, I get links for "VXWorks". When I search for Twerks, I get...a lot of shapely young women "shakin' their tail feathers"--rotating and twitching their behinds in the most suggestive fashion.

I'm PRETTY SURE that's not what you meant...I'm with Christian on this, do you have any links or information on these two programs?

(I haven't searched UNNA yet.)


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