[NTLK] Email To Newton Talk: Mac Fitering And Encryption

Nic Malone nicmalone at mac.com
Wed Jun 15 00:11:00 EDT 2011

Hi guys
1 know a few people here are having problems connecting their Newts to their home wireless network.. myself included. I've tried all the good ideas listed here over the last month to avail. I can connect easily with WEP turned off, so I think its the shared vs. open network key that is my nemesis. Unfortunately, my Be1kin router does not let you choose between the two types of key. So l assume the default (and only setting, in my case) is the problematic shared key. oh well.
I've gotten around it by turning off the WEP before sending emails.

I've also set up MAC address filtering or the router so that only the devices 1 know about can use my network.

Does anyone know it MAC filtering alone is effective security? I know it stops neighbours stealing your bandwidth, and stops the CIA /M15 arresting you because of the 'Peoples' Front of Judea' terror cell next door is running their online Roman-hate campaign though your AOL acccunt, but does it also stop people eavesdropping or the information you are sending over the WiFi without encryption? Passwords, login details, personal emails etc?
Sate surfing, dudes.
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