[NTLK] What are you using to sync to MSWndows?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Feb 21 01:48:48 EST 2012

Yes it should work with Vista as well.  While there are several changes
between Vista and 7, the "main engine" is the same.  Most drivers that
work for 7 also work in Vista for example.  7 they mostly added more
compatibility features and the option to have a virtual machine built in
the 'full' versions of 7.

Of course one thing to keep in mind, any program that you install this
way won't be able to uninstall via the "uninstall program" in the
control panel.  Personally I would put it somewhere else or at the very
latest make a note so that you know it was "manually installed" and how
to remove it (In programs folder you may forget later unless you have a
note).  And of course the registry entires.  Although in this case I
don't see a issue of leaving the NCU registry entries in, even if you
did need to delete the folder.


On 2/20/2012 10:43 PM, Tony Kan wrote:
> Thx Connor
> Wow, outstanding.  I wonder if this would work in Vista?  It should do as
> Vista and Win7 are only cosmetically different.  Another wee project for
> tonight.  
> Cheers
> Tony Kan
> Christchurch
> New Zealand
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> I copied the installed folder into a shared location on my server and then
> copied it over my network onto the Windows 7 machine.  Put the folder in
> Program Files, made a link to ncu.exe in my Start Menu, and voila!
> Installed!  No guarantees for anyone with USB serial adapters (or anyone
> else for that matter) but it worked for me.
> Dan's spot on; most Windows programs, especially older ones, don't rely on
> the registry as heavily as you might think.  Most are perfectly capable of
> starting up and recreating the entries they absolutely rely on.
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