[NTLK] Weak sound on the MessagePad 100?

ZhengHui97 97 zhenghui97 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 09:51:08 EST 2012

Hi guys, this is my first post on the list.Long story cut short, I just acquired a MessagePad 100 from eBay;I overpaid for it by a considerable margin, and when I received it it wasn't in as good a condition as it was described in the auction.Anyhow, I calibrated the screen and proceeded to use it when I realized that there was no sound coming out from the Newton's speaker.Upon tuning the volume up to the max the sound was barely audible in a silent room, and yes of course I was extremely disappointed,especially since this 'defect' wasn't mentioned in the description of the auction ..
So, dear (fellow) Newton users, do you have any tips, recommendations or so to alleviate this problem?Any help would be greatly appreciated ..  Thanks in advance! :)
PS. : I have yet to leave feedback on eBay .. In your opinion, should it be positive, neutral or negative feedback?Just fyi I paid the highest price for a Newton from this guy, even paying more than an MP2000. Stupid me and my impulse purchases .....

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