[NTLK] Weak sound on the MessagePad 100?

Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 22 11:36:32 EST 2012

I'm pretty sure that eBay has a return policy/dispute resolution for just this sort if thing. Don't mess up your Feedback Rating (negative feedback from you will almost certainly result in the same from the seller)...have you tried to contact him/her to see if you can reach a satisfactory conclusion/compromise? It would not be too much to ask for a refund, under the circumstances, although you will likely have to pay to ship the defective item back.

Failing that, I would contact eBay and get them involved. I've done that in the past and they were great to work with (I've been buying and selling on eBay for more than ten years)...IMHO, leaving negative feedback is like "dropping the bomb" and should be considered an absolute last resort.

A word of advice: ALWAYS check the Feedback Rating of WHOMEVER you are transacting with! If it's not 100%, click on the total number of transactions to see how many negative feedback responses were given in the last 30 days, 6 months, etc. Pay close attention to the reasons listed...recently while looking for some C-sized ni-cd batteries for a project I'm working on, I saw a company that was selling them with a greater mAh capacity than I was looking for...and for much less than anyone else. While they had completed more than 10,000 transactions, their Feedback Rating was still only 98.5, which for that amount of transactions is a HUGE amount gone wrong! Upon closer inspection, I saw that most complaints were by purchasers of product that had never received any merchandise, and were simply told to "keep waiting" (for one transaction the buyer said it had already been 45 days since it was allegedly shipped). There were no comments by this seller in its defense...it was enough to make me wary, and I looked elsewhere.

My experience has been that nearly all sellers care about what they are listing, and want each transaction to go smoothly. Of course, there are exceptions, like anything else.

Good luck!


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> So, dear (fellow) Newton users, do you have any tips, recommendations or so to alleviate this problem?Any help would be greatly appreciated ..  Thanks in advance! :)

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