[NTLK] Weak sound on the MessagePad 100?

ZhengHui97 97 zhenghui97 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 23 10:21:37 EST 2012

Wow! Thanks for the replies, guys! Um. I guess i'll return Forrest's messages first: 

> I'm pretty sure that eBay has a return policy/dispute resolution for just this sort if thing 

Yeap, it does, and I'll try that after shooting an email to the seller to see if we can settle this between us; as per your recommendation.. I always check the feedback score of people I buy stuff from mostly to see if they acquired the product at a cheaper price or so. :) This particular seller has completed 1000+ transactions and has a 100% feedback score so yeah I was expecting properly described items, etc not what I got. Wise move regarding your decision to skip that seller; thanks for the advise! 

> Good point...still, do you want your money back and/or some sort of satisfactory conclusion to this transaction--or do you just want to give negative feedback? 

Well, of course I would rather my money back and/or some other satisfactory conclusion.. Giving negative feedback isn't really nice I believe and I wasn't so sure about it, thus my question of whether to do so or not to do so.. So yeah. I prefer the former. :) Thanks!! 

Sam, thanks for the information! But I already knew this before you mentioned it. It's the same over here in Singapore.. Still, thanks anyway! :> 

Hi James, thanks for the great link! Well, after knowing that I'm not the only one being in such a situation around here, I don't really feel that bad now.. :) Wow. I'll keep all that advise in mind next time I see another MessagePad on sale with enough cash to buy it on my hands! You're right about it not being easy to not buy something impulsively.. I appreciate the advise alot, really. :> 

I re-read the auction several times while waiting for the Newton to arrive in the mail ..  It states that it was sold in an 'as-is' condition but then again, the seller stated that it would be fully functional, quote "It in in perfect working order.". But the seller also stated that the item does not carry any technical support nor any warranty, though it got to me with a broken or so speaker; I take it as an equilivant of receiving a "fully functional item" DOA .. It states that the item is in a very good condition with no drop damage, though I spotted some drop damage and with closer inspection, a small spot between the digitizer and the screen, probably some fungi or so and a small nick at the top right corner of the screen, all not mentioned in the auction.. :/ 

Oh, um. I adjusted the volume by adjusting the slider that appears when you tap the "Extras" icon .. There is a noticeable difference in volume when I set it from about 25%, to 75% and to 100% which I believe means that it's a hardware problem .. I also tried adjusting the volume in the prefs app (Extras/Prefs on NOS 1.3) and it was in sync with the slider in the Extras screen. Sigh .. The auction only included the MessagePad 100, the blank PCMIA card, the stylus and a battery cage. Nothing else at all ~ Thanks for the manual I'll read it in my free time! Uh.. So that's all for this message I guess..

Thanks again all for you help!
Hope to be in ranks of the awesome people wielding fully functional Messagepads that are all at least 15 years old soon.. Cheers, and here's to another 15! :D

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