[NTLK] Weak sound on the MessagePad 100?

Forrest Buffenmyer newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 23 11:33:46 EST 2012

I would agree..."in perfect working order" to me means--everything works, no exceptions. As such, no warranty is not really a problem, as it all is supposed to work when you get it, and it's accepted that it's not a new item.

And yes, that many transactions with a 100% rating wouldn't cause me any hesitation either.

I wouldn't say it was DOA...Dead On Arrival. But it clearly wasn't fully functional.


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On Feb 23, 2012, at 8:21 AM, ZhengHui97 97 <zhenghui97 at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I re-read the auction several times while waiting for the Newton to arrive in the mail ..  It states that it was sold in an 'as-is' condition but then again, the seller stated that it would be fully functional, quote "It in in perfect working order.". But the seller also stated that the item does not carry any technical support nor any warranty, though it got to me with a broken or so speaker; I take it as an equilivant of receiving a "fully functional item" DOA

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