[NTLK] Rebirth of Newtons

1michse 1michse at gmail.com
Wed Jul 4 12:43:55 EDT 2012

Ok lads.  Just wondering....

Can anyone tell me the mist modern up to date method of:

1.  Syncing calendars with MP2000 or 2100 via Ethernet connection. 

2. syncing contacts / address book via Ethernet connection.

3. Installing packages and applications via Ethernet connection.

4. Syncing word/works files with computer. 

The computer to sync with is MBP 17" running Mac OS 10.7 latest release.  

5.  Would possibly like to replace the back light on the device but have no idea on how to do this or even where to purchase this. 

Thanks for your kind replies in advance. 

Michael Seibert

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