[NTLK] Need pointers for adding Apply()/Perform()/PerformIfDefined()/etc. to NEWT/0

Morgan Aldridge morgant at makkintosshu.com
Mon Jul 16 07:56:20 EDT 2012

While awaiting the new drive to arrive for the UNNA.org server, I've
been poking at NewtonScript and writing an xUnit framework in NEWT/0.
A simple project, but I've run into a number of global functions that
are missing from NEWT/0's implementation that are preventing me from
completing the project, specifically the message sending functions:
Apply(), Perform(), PerformIfDefined(), ProtoPerform(), and

I've been slowly gaining some understanding of the NEWT/0 source code
and have stubbed these functions out in src/newt_core/NewtFns.c (and
the respective .h), but I'd love to pick someone's brain who's more
familiar with NEWT/0 than I am. For example, I'm assuming I can wrap
around NcCall*() & NcSend*() (found in src/newt_core/NewtVM.c), but
I'll need some help getting everything connected correctly (hopefully
only conceptually).



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