[NTLK] RE Einstein for Cydia

howhardz at vcn.bc.ca howhardz at vcn.bc.ca
Sun Jul 15 17:45:56 EDT 2012

||  after years of experimental stumbles & of course some positive
reinforcement with open-Einstein, this week we have the ios bundle on
offer 	--	I am taking a run at connectivity for the Courier Browser which
Morgan and others seem to make as working --  after jail break of the ipad
this week, I added a cydia source for the DEB file < as seen in Matthias
post from early this week > and have seen that the DEB file gives a couple
of unbundling errors & seems to have created no folders on the ipad --
Elsewhere I find references to a "dpkg" Command that I could hope to
invoke under cydia Terminal ... I continue to ponder this

||  I am open to suggestions ... for the ipad or for the  Mac ... on the
Mac, I was surprised to see the google project ... from near New Years
...compile & run under 10.6 & so there  I detoured around 10.7 install
onto *my only Intel Mac* since it all runs cleanly on 10.6 -- this is a MB
Air & so naively I figure its wifi-only nature is giving me hiccups when I
am running the Internet Setup pkg  -- Short of ebay for a USB ethernet
adaptor at $50  is there an IP address I can plug into the setup slip?  
My wifi router is a white Airport ...

||  Is a re-release of the ios Bundle coming along so that I can continue
my run at Courier

... this posting written on a screen protected ipad & using the Jot Pro

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