[NTLK] Internet and RAM

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Sun Jul 15 18:50:06 EDT 2012

The Newton works fine with either WiFi or wired and the setup isn't  
too bad if you follow a guide carefully.  For wifi you will need WEP  
encryption or an open connection.  The difference in the 2000 and 2100  
is system (RAM) memory, the 2100 has roughly 4x as much.
There are three choices in my opinion of web browsers; Courier (text  
only), NetHopper (fairly traditional browser needs extra extensions  
and doesn't work with some sites) and NewtsCape (converts html to  
Newton book, can manage some graphics and ignores code it doesn't  
understand).  Web browsing with a Newton is only fun in a proof of  
concept sense but can be a useful tool for installing packages form  
compatible on line servers or your own, This is sometimes more  
convenient than serial connection.

I find email to be an excellent way to move content from my newton.   
Wireless printing is also possible though I never found it satisfying  
with LP driver and CUPS, postscript printers are excellent though  
perhaps rare.

I would say go with 2000, setup internet and use Courier for web and  
Mail V for email and see how it goes.  If you run into a lot of out of  
memory messages, freeze everything you can or upgrade.

Have fun

On Jul 15, 2012, at 3:23 PM, Mattias Ståhl wrote:

> Hi.
> I have two questions!
> 1. Im planning on connecting my Newton 2k to the internet at some  
> point. I don't have any WifFi or ethernet card. WiFi would be great  
> to have but read that it can be tricky to get it working, getting ip  
> address and so on.. So I'm wondering what would be best to have,  
> WiFI or ethernet?
> 2. I have the Newton 2000, not planing on using it as a internet  
> browser but would be fun if it worked to browse on, and have an  
> email client set up. Will this work on the Newton 2000 or is there  
> not enough RAM? Is the 2100 a must?

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