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> Upgraded from original OS to Newton Operating System 2.0, 28 mB flash card, screen has good contrast and it and body are in good condition.  The stylus is missing writing tip and top end, can probably be repaired.  In good cosmetic condition.  Apple logo and silkscreen are perfect.  Hinge is perfect.  All moving parts work well with no flaws.  Has games and reading material (The Constitution of the United Sates, Deep Space Newton, etc.).  Small amounts of corrosion on one battery contact.  It has been cleaned as carefully as I can and has worked without a problem for 3 years.  All four rubber feet in good condition.  It was fun to play around with for years, but I don't have any real use for it.  It needs a new 3V coin battery and 4 AA batteries.  $35 or best offer.
> Bob Opiela, San Antonio, TX 78247  eBay ID grizzledgiant
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