[NTLK] Newton WiFi Setup with Lucent WaveLAN Silver and Verizon Wireless Router

Gavin Watson gavin83209 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 00:34:42 EDT 2012

I've never been able to get my Verizon-supplied MI424-WR to work with my 
MP2100 with a WaveLAN Gold. I have, however, managed to connect to an 
AirPort Express with 128-bit WEP. The only two solutions I've found in 
the last two years are disabling encryption entirely or trying a 
different router.

On 07/25/2012 07:49 PM, William Maloney wrote:
> Should have asked this in the beginning but here goes...
> So I wanted to try out the whole Newton WiFi thing again. I had
> experimented with it some time ago but didn't have a clue about Wireless
> networks at all. Here I am, yet again and a little bit more prepared.
> Here's what I have done...
> 1.) Wiped Newton clean
> 2.) Installed Internet drivers in the right order:
> inetenbl.pkg
> newtdev.pkg
> enetsup.pkg
> inetstup.pkg
> 3.) Installed WiFi Driver
> 4.) Went into "Internet Setup" and created an Ethernet Connection that was
> originally DHCP and selected my card
> 5.) Inserted the card and setup all the right information in the WiFi card
> setup page according to what my wireless G equipped notebook PC told me was
> the configurations of the router (a Verizon Wireless Actiontec MI424-WR
> Rev. F) WEP is 64-Bit encoded. Settings are as follows:
> Mode --> Infastructure
> Channel --> 6 (ignored but its what the router said)
> SSID --> GY102
> WEP Key --> Hexadecimal
> Use WEP ---> CHECK
> PowerSaveMode --> CHECK
> After installing Newtscape, I tested out a website or two but to no avail.
> NIE would begin connecting, then read "OPENING LINK PROBLEM CONNECTING,
> Looking on here, I found someone mention to another person configuring
> Internet Setup manually to solve certain problems. Using my notebook again,
> I listed out the following:
> Card --> LucentWaveLAN/IEEE
> Subnet Mask -->
> Local IP --> (IP Address on WinXP)
> GateWay/Router Address --> (Default GateWay on WinXP)
> Primary DNS -->
> Domain Name ---> <NONE> (Not sure what to put here)
> Now, NIE says that it is connecting, and Newtscape begins to look up the
> host and the card starts blinks. Yet after a few seconds, the browser reads
> though, it says the card is disconnecting. I feel SO close to getting this
> thing online! Can you guys guide me through this? Thanks!
> William
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