[NTLK] Newton Repair Question

Gavin Watson gavin83209 at gmail.com
Wed May 2 19:16:50 EDT 2012

Under a heavy load (downloading a webpage in Courier to CompactFlash 
with a Wi-Fi card), my MP2100 will draw about 5V, 0.3A from the 
batteries according to NewtTest. Under a more normal load, my Newton 
usually draws closer to 0.08A. I know that the power adapter can supply 
about 7V DC, and I would assume that it would draw about the same amount 
of current from either power source.

On 05/01/2012 06:47 PM, John Royston wrote:
> You would not happen to know the load a newton normally draws on the
> supply? If so I may give it to my ETs to power up under load and
> monitor on scope for a few days until I feel comfortable with it
> again?

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