[NTLK] MP2100 error message -- internal memory full??

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Fri May 11 00:12:09 EDT 2012


I believe your misfortune could be at least partially caused by the  
dreaded Mail V Memory Leak (assuming you use Mail V). Take a look at  


Contents thereof:

"On Feb 16, 2011, at 7:51 PM, Open Slate Project <osp at aloha.com>  

 > Ah yes, the mailv memory leak, I remember it. I would have to look  
back at my notes for the precise solution, basic idea is to use two  
memory cards, configure mailv to save to card, and from time to time  
wipe the mp to recover memory. Scarry the first time but not that bad,  
a lingering annoyance.
 > --
 > DouglasMcComber <mccomber at eastlink.ca> wrote:
 > Hi, I'm new to NOS and I've got Mail V running successfully (I'm  
getting this list with it). The problem is, even though I am deleting  
email after I've read it, I am running out of storage (eMate 300, not  
external storage card) as if I didn't delete them. I've checked "All  
Items" to be sure and there is nothing in my In/Out box whatsoever. I  
have SBM Utilities and have from the cleaner which reclaimed about  
47kb but prior to receiving list emails I had over 200kb free and  
haven't installed anything since. Thanks,  

I recall reading somewhere that if you save MailV to a storage card,  
occasionally back it up, format the card and restore its data...you'll  
be able to reclaim that lost space.

Can't recall where I read that, though....


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That should be corrected for clarity: the backup of the storage card  
should be to a computer, not to a storage card...unless you have a  
second storage card. The point is, by saving what's on the storage  
card elsewhere, reformatting it and restoring its contents, you will  
reclaim the lost capacity.

Even if you don't use MailV it couldn't hurt to try this.

Hope that helps,



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On May 10, 2012, at 2:21 PM, Lord Groundhog wrote:

> If anyone can help with this I’d be grateful.
> I’m away from home for an extended time due to an emergency.  The  
> worse news
> is that Newt has chosen NOW to have a problem.  I have a MP2100.
> When I try to do something with Newt I get an error message telling  
> me that
> either my internal memory or mydata storage card is almost full.  It
> shouldn’t be the data card because there’s still about 15MB free on  
> it, but
> the internal store shows only 152KB is still free.  I didn’t see this
> coming.
> Let’s see if I can give some useful preliminary information.
> I can’t find any sign of what is taking up all that space all of a  
> sudden so
> I don’t know what to do about it.  I’ve looked at all my soups and  
> nothing
> shows anything like enough to take up serious space.  When I add up  
> the
> numbers I don’t get even quarter-way to the amount of space that’s  
> supposed
> to be used up.
> I have no idea how to check what kind of space is used by  
> applications but
> this hasn’t changed in the last few years so I don’t know why it would
> suddenly make a difference now.
> I left home in a hurry:  not only didn’t I back upbefore I left but  
> I also
> forgot to bring my Keyspan with me so I can’t even back up now.   
> Considering
> the amount of writing I did on the plane and in the last week all  
> this makes
> me nervous.
> It also doesn’t help that all the details for this trip and my  
> arrangements
> are on Newt (where else?)
> Diagnosis and suggestions and any other soothing words of wisdom and  
> comfort
> (including “There, there, it’ll be alright”) are most welcome!    
> Some way to
> salvage the situation and my peace of mind until I return home also  
> will be
> gratefully received!
> TIA.
> Shalom,
> Christian
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