[NTLK] MP2100 error message -- internal memory full??

Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Fri May 11 12:46:52 EDT 2012

BIG thanks to everyone who's written to me about this here or directly.  It
feels better even if Newt is still sulking at me.  :-)

I should've given more helpful information about my Newt in my first e-mail
but I'm spending a lot of time hanging around a hospital -- no phone, no
computers, no outside world please -- and I produced that first message in
haste.  Unfortunately obligations here aren't even giving me time to make
soothing, cooing noises at Newt in the hope of wooing her back into more
co-operative mood. 

In response to suggestions and questions so far, let me explain and clarify
some things I should have included before.  I also have more questions!
Sorry, this'll be long, but I've tried to space it to be easy on the eyes.

The fundamental data, the numbers:
Memory Info reports
Internal    used: 3374K    free:   149K
Card        used: 4438K    free: 15105K

Incidentally, I tried the soft reset (button at the back for 4 seconds) as
soon as it happened.  No change.

1. Forrest, I currently make no connection to the outside world except via
Keyspan to my computer.  That decision has been my way of preserving at
least one thinking/working space free of distractions.

So, MailV is not a problem as I have nothing interwebbish installed on Newt.
No browsers or other mail programs either.

2. Unfortunately when I packed, I packed Keyspan, then unpacked it, then
forgot to repack it.  So, no linking with my computer until I get home
again.  That's OK except that it means no backing up of anything except to
the card.  

As it happens I keep some stuff on the card already since I like the idea of
being able to hand a curious person my Newt (after slipping the card out)
and letting them try out the HWR.  That way I know that they aren't holding
the confidential stuff.

But some stuff lives internally because I've been neglecting to clarify
something.   I have a specific question about this at the end.

3. Tony, you mentioned "rebooting".  Which reset do you mean, the
"extensions off" reset that Woody mentions, or the "power drain" reset?  I
can't do anything that risks data loss as I have data on there I mustn't

Also, your suggestion to move soups to the Card touches the question I ask
further down, about storage in two places.  So I'll leave it there.

4. Woody, when you ask "is it a heap issue?" you put your finger on
something else I've neglected.  I don't know the answer to your question
because my Note To Self to read more about how Newton does stuff with memory
is stuck in my Pending tray.  I wouldn't even know how to answer you.   I
suppose the reset you suggested will temporarily empty the heap?  But then
when I restart Newt without turning off extensions, it'll return to the way
it is now and not having room to work, right?  Or is that part of what I
don't yet understand?

5. Simon, I was fascinated to read your comments about the OS store system
and VBOs.  Reminds me of the problems a certain OS exhibited in some of its
incarnations back in the now-distant past.

Regarding your observation about how I work, you're right that I tend to do
things pretty much as I've done since I got my first Newton.  The only
change was about 4 years ago now when I discovered Silverware's amazing

Oh yes, one other thing about work methods:  over I've been using the
facility to store anniversaries and recurring events in Dates.  I've
wondered if that was a problem.

Dates currently reports 377K used in Internal and 269K used in Card --
hardly earth-shaking.  In fact, that's the only soup to report over 100K
Internal, and one of only 3 to report over 25K.  Hence my bafflement at
what's taking up all the internal memory.


This is the question I've meant to ask for years.  I see identically named
storage for Dates, Names, etc., in Internal and Card memory.  If I move the
one in Internal memory onto the card, will it overwrite (i.e., delete) the
one already on the Card, or will it combine the records of the two into one
new storage?  I should've gotten to grips with this a long time ago.  I
hesitate to move the Internal soups onto the Card lest I lose vital data.

And if you have been, thanks for reading.  :-)



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